There are lots of little quirks about our condo and here is one of them. All the interior doors are like this. They don't latch and turn like normal doors. They push and pull. Odd, but that is how all the hardware works. The upstairs master bath door is a tight fit and guests get stuck in there. And the knobs do turn but nothing happens so people think there is something wrong. Someone suggested putting the word PULL by the knob. We were recently in Milwaukee in a junkque store in the 3rd Ward. I had picked out some letters and told the owner what I was trying to do. While I continued to shop they hunted for more letters and recreated the word. I added the asterisk as a graphic element.

So if people can't figure this out now well they will just have to stay where they are.

I am quite pleased with the end result with has kind of a '50s-'60s typographic feel. And I got all this typographic goodness for $2. What a steal.