print & pattern....

120 designers have contributed 750 illustrations from the world of surface design, pattern, textiles, stationery, and greetings.

Compiled by the creator of the blog Print & Pattern, this book documents the work of the best surface designers from around the world and features products that have been embellished with a surface print or pattern, including graphics, cards, gift wrap, stationery, textiles, ceramics, badges, stickers, and wallpaper.

As well as successful commercial designs, the book also showcases previously unseen pattern designs from designers' portfolios. Accessible but with a cool edge, the book will appeal to surface designers, graphic designers, designer-makers and craftspeople, illustrators, and fashion and textile designers.

This is my last book in my recent book buying binge. It is on a pile near my desk along with Aperture. I am dying to get to spend some serious time with my new pile of inspiration... But I am finishing up Cowboy Doodles. Thankfully my sweet husband did the technical part of that font. That is the part I don't enjoy. And he is very good at it.

Anyway from the small peeks that I am allowing myself this is going to be a great book.