Yesterday we decided to kayak across the lake, about 1.25 miles each way. It was calm and there is a no wave ordinance in effect because the lake is so high. I've wanted to kayak across but not wanted to deal with crazy, fast boaters who may not see my tiny white kayak. So this was our chance.

Everything looks different from the lake... this is the inside of our neighbors old boathouse that is in the process of coming down this week. The corner of the boathouse is only 4 feet or so from my office wall. I hope the wall goes in, not out.

Our retaining wall with our meager gardening in pots... tomatoes, basil, chives. Time to make pesto this week. Not enough sun here for the tomatoes. I am pondering where to put this little garden next year. Too shady here.

And I did make it all the way across the lake and back. It was too hot but the water was wonderfully still. Like a big, bathtub. A nice Sunday outing.