Paris vs New York

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these were a birthday gift... I love these boxes of postcards. Last year I got the Pantone ones and this year Paris vs. New York. I will have a lot of fun with these.

A witty homage to both the Big Apple and the City of Lights, this collection of 50 visual comparisons between the two cities will delight anyone who appreciates well-observed illustrations of urban life (in the tradition of Robinson's New York Line By Line, and Matteo Pericoli's New York Unfurled).

Based on the blog Paris Versus New York ( and an upcoming book (Penguin, Fall '11), this box of postcards is a love letter to two of the most inspiring cities in the world. In his crisp, minimalist style, artist Vahram Muratyan presents side-by-side comparisons of cultural touchstones such as the Eiffel Tower vs. the Statue of Liberty, a glass of Bordeaux vs. a Cosmo, the Baguette vs. the Bagel, and Jean Luc Godard vs. Woody Allen (represented only by their iconic eye glasses).

(Thanks again Terry!)