paris underground by mark ovenden

  Metro maps, stations, fonts, logos, signage, colors, metro tiles, vintage photos... Paris... graphic design and renowned font designers. Since all of that intrigues me I totally enjoyed this book. Actually I poured over it.

First, I love Paris. And I enjoyed the metro system too. What an amazing way to get around a huge city. I remember wondering why all the metro stations didn't look alike or have the same metro logo or signage. Well this book explains the evolution of the metro, the lines, the graphics, fonts used, even who designed the maps and cover art.

The book even gives a metro alphabet and logo timeline and a current graphics standards manual. It also gives a directory of designers which includes font greats Adrian Frutiger and Eric Gill.

A word-of- mouth sensation, Transit Maps of the World garnered rave reviews and offered delicious eye-candy to the many who devoured its lusciously designed pages. In Paris Underground, Mark Ovenden turns his attention to the famous Paris transit system with its inimitable Art Nouveau inspired stations and Art Deco signage. More than one thousand maps, diagrams, and photographs—historical and current—along with fascinating factual tidbits and enthusiastic, informed commentary embellish this gorgeous cultural history of the Métro’s design and construction. Transit buffs, Francophiles, and anyone who appreciates beautiful design are sure to make Paris Underground the season’s must-have volume. -