one to one @ the apple store

This has been a really important learning tool for me this year and a large part of my creative process. How do you get the computer skills you need without spending way too much time or money? In November I bought the MacBook Air at the Apple Store here in Madison. When you buy a new computer at the Apple Store or the online Apple Store you can also buy one year of training for $99.

This can be beginner training or more technical training. Matt my Genius has been helping me with Wordpress, Thesis and writing a little code. I am learning a lot. I schedule an hour of training at a time and go out there 2 sometimes 3 times a month.

For me this is the right kind of training... it is one to one. And in my case I always get to schedule with Matt so he remembers what we are working on. It is how I have managed to learn this latest skill set. I highly recommend it.