on the drawing board...


First is a birthday card for next year. Last year I designed a birthday card and Jessica from Jack & Ella Paperpress  printed them for me. She has some cards with my doodles on them, check her out. I think this illustration will become part of a future Birthday Doodles font. Last year's card gave me Cordially Yourz so these are always a good creative exercise for me. Need to figure out my new drawing tablet to add some color to the illustration.

I am finishing up a new font Frames and Banners. Lots of dots and grids and scallops and stripes.

I tried to do a similar positive and negative of each. 32 illustrations in this font. Hopefully will be for sale by the end of the week.

Nancy is hard at work on her as yet unnamed font of women. It is looking good. I am enjoying this new style of hers.

Here is Nancy's newest tee shirt design. I ordered one to wear to yoga. She has another one I may get too. You can see them at her Cafepress shop.

Since I spend most of my life at my computer I've decided to do all my Christmas shopping online this year. I have been having quite good luck with fab.com. I've been pleased with everything I've gotten, this is a site that has museum store type items at reduced prices. A computer bag I got had the wrong dimensions and they contacted me to tell me this and asked if I wanted to return the item. And they took care of the return. They send a daily shopping email at 10 AM. If you are interested use this link. It is a by invitation only site. http://fab.com/47dtod Be sure before you order I think everything is a final sale. But I never return anything anyway. But read the fine print first to be sure.