not sure about lion


as I said last week I got a new laptop. It has Lion on it, the new operating system. Since the new OS was only $29 I assumed it would be a small upgrade. Well I was wrong, oh so wrong. It is one of those upgrades that makes everything look different and some software does not work. Of course the 4 that don't work for me are FontLab and FontBook, Desktop Notes, and StuffIt. And my scanner doesn't work because there is no driver for this OS yet or maybe ever.

It bugs me a lot that I have working equipment that is rendered obsolete by newer software. So I am biting the bullet and getting everything set up correctly on all 3 laptops at once. While I wait for upgrades to things like FontLab and my scanner driver I will need to use 2 different laptops to get my work done.

So basically it is buy a new computer and need to use 2 to keep working. Do I sound a bit crabby? Well that just seems wrong. But if you just use Word and do email you will be fine.

There are lots of new apps that I don't know anything about. This morning I am taking a class at the Apple Store for OS X. Seems like the fastest way to get things figured out and tailored to my immediate needs.

And some new skills to learn. I suggest not upgrading if you are in the middle of a big job. I'd wait until you have some time to devote to this. I am only upgrading the new laptop and keeping my Air and the old 17" that will trickle down to John on the old OS.

Random clutter in my head...

Apple has more cash on hand then our Federal Government. I guess we should all buy Apple stock.

Thinking about this new script font that may take a year to do.

I would like to make ligatures for this font. That poses the problem as to where in the font they go and how assessable they will be for the user. If you use the Adobe Creative Suite you can access those additional characters using those programs. If you don't you can't. Then I should make 2 separate fonts. One font with upper and lower case and a second font with all the extras. And this is in part why this font will live in my head for a long, long time. If you have any thoughts on this feel free to leave a comment.

And I am working on London Doodles... With William and Kate and the upcoming Summer Olympics there a year from now I thought this would be a good second font in my city series. The other one is Paris Doodles...

My picture for today is a bit misleading. This soft, romantic picture is really all my computers and a 23" monitor. Until I get everything working right it is sadly necessary to use them all to get some work done.

Off to the Apple Store...