mother nature is not happy...

or maybe she is.

Woke up to another 12 inches of snow on top of yesterdays 6. I think they have declared a state of emergency and the national guard has been called out. Oddly (stupidly?) the new governor is making all state employees come in today even though the offices are closed to the public. Someone in our neighborhood headed out walking towards downtown this morning since we were not plowed out and the buses aren't running. Our tiny street might not get plowed until midnight.

And somebody ran out of gas blocking our driveway last night. Thankfully he is now gone so our plowing service can get in our driveway when they get here.

We have food and a full tank of gas in the little 4 wheel drive and we are snug inside. Of course we will later go out and drive around and look at things. My little Winter car drives through absolutely anything and everything.