Mitered Hanging Towel or Dishcloth

I am not inclined to do math if I don't have to. Knitting is all about math. But I just look at the pictures and read the pattern and go back to the picture and knit it. I do as little math as possible. And apparently I read as little as possible. I knit the above dishcloth. When I started it I noticed that it was a LOT of stitches for a dishcloth so I subtracted some. (I do do enough math to subtract stitches in a way that still makes the pattern work.) When I got it done it still looked a bit big too me.

I then went back and read the heading and it was a Mitered Hanging TOWEL not dishcloth which would be why there were so many stitches. I have made some dishcloths as gifts and found that people like to use them as facecloths as the cotton yarn is nicely soft and very durable. I think I may knit myself a set as washcloths. The pattern said to cast on 90 stitches. I made the one above using 80, I think I'll use 70 on the next ones.
And this is the book the pattern came out of. It is a fun book with unusual things to knit like a cute Swifty cover. While I don't think I'll knit it I do like to see whimsy and creativity in knitting books. And since a sweater is too great a commitment I like lots of small projects.