Cemetery or Golf Course?

Rae: We were at a grocery store and on the way out of the lot we saw in the distance the top of this building sticking out of some trees. We wandered on over wondering what it could be. We saw a lot of grass and wondered if it was a golf course? But the building didn't fit. It is a cemetery.

But since the gravestones were flush with the ground it did have a park or golf course look. I suggested to John that cities short on space should do combo cemetery golf courses. Seems like many golfers would like to be buried there. He suggested that while I do have a LOT of ideas, some are better than others. John is a noted golf snob.

John: I make no apologies for golf snobbery EXCEPT...I view it as etiquette and appreciation of beautifully manicured playgrounds. Regarding Rae's suggestion...it would interrupt my shot concentration thinking if I took a particularly large divot, I might be replacing skeletal remains rather than turf! Sheesh! Non-golfers! Regarding this tower...as you can tell it was beautifully constructed and reminiscent of The Lord of the Rings movies. There were eight little cornerstones at the very top, each with quotes from Christ's last moments on the cross. "Father I commend my spirit." etc. You can see the squares in the first photo at the corners near the top. I will say that being there inspired me to sing the Our Father in memory of my late Father. It was a beautiful day in a peaceful setting...sans golfer walking over gravestones!