John Ganahl, talent

Rae: Readers of the blog know that John is looking for gainful employment. He has 35 years experience in television. His last TV jobs had him running TV stations. He detoured into a Marketing & Communications job but is now looking for work.

John: "Gainful" (Insert "non-abusive") employment! I have worked for some real quality people in my lifetime and hold out belief there are still some out there to be found.

Rae: John is a busy guy, OK I work from home and would like him to be busy somewhere else some days. Not that I am not charmed by offers of doing errands, seeing an afternoon movie or taking a nap.

John: What can I say? My charm wears thin after a few months in close proximity? I've heard this from wives of the newly retired. I guess I need to go back to work to keep my lovely happy!

Rae: I've always thought that when John retired he could pick up some talent work because he is very good at it. John can walk and talk, write, and even sing and juggle. He is a multi-talented guy.

John: The use of the word "talent" is loosely applied here. And I have to question "multi-talented" when 60% of my multi-talents are... walk, talk and write. This job search is going to be much harder than I imagined.

Rae: So if you need on-air, video talent work or voice overs contact John, and he'll be happy to send you his head shots and a sample video he wrote and was talent in.

John: Yes, the only talents not on display are singing and juggling!

Rae: He'd also make a great birthday party clown but maybe we'll save that for the future grandkids.

John: I have let my beard grow over the past two weeks. Two of the little neighbor kids came over to talk yesterday and noticed it for the first time. The little girl exclaimed, "You're growing a Santa beard!". I"m more disturbed by my Santa belly!