will work for... ah... money....

If you need a handsome polished businessman, a fun-loving traveler, a grandpa or a goofball for print, video, internet or voice work you should hire my husband John at Walks, Talks and Chews Gum.

He also works well with children as he is one himself.

He might also work for golf too. I don't know you'd have to ask him.

Good Bye 2232 Jingle Court...

Last night we got and accepted an offer on our house. We close on July 21. We are thrilled to get this move going. Now all the pieces are falling into place...

Other good things are that Monday John signs with The Rock Agency in Madison to do talent work. What I didn't mention in the last blog on that subject in addition to possible work as Dubya they had lost their grandfather/biz man gray haired guy. So they think they can book him as soon as he gets signed. He is also looking into a Milwaukee agency and then we will check out a Chicago agency. This can pay well. John is a natural for voice or video or commercial work having done much of this in his TV days... and since he is a ham he really enjoys it.

Here are some samples from this weeks photo shoot with our friend Jill from Chumas Photography...

And the icing on the cake is that Bush signed a bill this week to fund the war, give aid to the Midwest and extend unemployment benefits by another 13 weeks. And John's was running out this week.

So after 9 long, hard months things are falling in place.

John Ganahl, talent

Rae: Readers of the blog know that John is looking for gainful employment. He has 35 years experience in television. His last TV jobs had him running TV stations. He detoured into a Marketing & Communications job but is now looking for work.

John: "Gainful" (Insert "non-abusive") employment! I have worked for some real quality people in my lifetime and hold out belief there are still some out there to be found.

Rae: John is a busy guy, OK I work from home and would like him to be busy somewhere else some days. Not that I am not charmed by offers of doing errands, seeing an afternoon movie or taking a nap.

John: What can I say? My charm wears thin after a few months in close proximity? I've heard this from wives of the newly retired. I guess I need to go back to work to keep my lovely happy!

Rae: I've always thought that when John retired he could pick up some talent work because he is very good at it. John can walk and talk, write, and even sing and juggle. He is a multi-talented guy.

John: The use of the word "talent" is loosely applied here. And I have to question "multi-talented" when 60% of my multi-talents are... walk, talk and write. This job search is going to be much harder than I imagined.

Rae: So if you need on-air, video talent work or voice overs contact John, jganahl@gmail.com and he'll be happy to send you his head shots and a sample video he wrote and was talent in.

John: Yes, the only talents not on display are singing and juggling!

Rae: He'd also make a great birthday party clown but maybe we'll save that for the future grandkids.

John: I have let my beard grow over the past two weeks. Two of the little neighbor kids came over to talk yesterday and noticed it for the first time. The little girl exclaimed, "You're growing a Santa beard!". I"m more disturbed by my Santa belly!

Day 4, May 27, 2007

It is raining and John caught a cold. He slept 11 hours. So it is noon, we have done our laundry and are repacking for Paris. Matt is going to stay here and catch up on sleep. Next we get some lunch and head for I think Waterloo. Last night we went to the Tate Modern. It was great fun. Love modern art. It was rainy then too. We are hoping it will not be raining in Paris.

It is interesting how much more you notice rain when you don't have a car.

Must run, off to get some lunch.

There will be no pictures while we are in Paris. Now I am using Matt's computer. I have no idea how I will get online from there.