iPhone users behaving badly...

I am embarrassed by our iPhone behavior over Thanksgiving.

We went to Rochester to our friend's Mike and Pam for Thanksgiving. I have an iPhone, John has an iPhone and Mike has an iPhone. We behaved like total geeks. Wednesday evening after a lovely dinner we all sat in the living room chatting. Talk turns to our iPhones and what 3rd party applications we each have. Poor Pam sat there iPhoneless, totally left out of the conversation. We were obnoxious, like little kids on Christmas morning gleeful with our new toys.

Starting with that night and for the next 2 days anytime anyone had a question one of the guys would pull out his iPhone and look up the answer. At Thanksgiving dinner I asked Mike's Mom if Mike's Dad's name OB was short for Obediah, she said no it was short for Obed and that came from the Bible, the Book of Ruth. That was when John announced that he had 2, yes 2 bibles on his iPhone.

I guess you can't take us anywhere.

In our defense for anyone who does not have an iPhone an iPhone is really a small computer, camera, calculator, calendar, GPS, iPod, you can check stocks and email and yes it is a phone. It may also be a cult. Just kidding, sort of.

And the 3rd party apps add functionality to your phone. I can also:
-look words up in a dictionary using WeDict
-keep track of the distance I've walked in Trailguru
-keep track of rows when knitting using StitchMinder
-turn my iPhone into a flashlight with myLite
-find restaurants by locations nearest to me using UrbanSpoon
-do sudoku with EnjoySudokiDaily
-play pac man with PacMAN Lite
-count calories with LIVESTRONG
-upload photos with Facebook
-find WIFI hot spots with WIFI finder
-get detailed weather info with The Weather Channel
-get TV listings where ever I am with i.TV.

The sad thing is if we were in the same situation again we would probably behave the same. We can't seem to help ourselves.

Sorry Pam.