I wanted to be a cowboy...

When I was a little girl I wanted to grow up and be a cowboy. I had a cowboy bedroom with a cowboy chenille bedspread and matching curtains. I also had cowboy boots, chaps, holster, guns and a hat.

I remember playing Cowboys and Indians with the neighbor boy and going home mad because he told me that I could not be a cowboy I could only be a much less desirable Cow GIRL. Worse yet when I came in and told my mother this she said that was true. I don't ever remember playing with him again.

Much to my delight was this birthday present I got from my friend Julie who is newly living in Montana.

This Boss Lady bag is from blueq.com. Along with the bag in the same cute packaging I got a Boss Lady zippy money bag, BL smokin' rapid fire matches, BL wild flower body cream and BL honeysuckle nectar lip balm. What a big bag of loot!

The tag on the bag says that Blue Q is the manufacturer of life improving, joy bringing, mind altering, universally praised products since 1988.

Kinda says it all. Oh except for the fact that if I can't be a Cowboy I'll be happy being a Boss Lady!

Thanks Julie!