Home Sweet Home Dingbats font

Here is this month's font... it is nothing like anything else I've done but it was in my head insisting to get out. It may be the only one of it's kind, but then maybe there will be more, only time will tell. Home Sweet Home Dingbats is 30 icons of house things. You can use them small as a dingbat or large as a piece of clipart. Now it is on to Yourz Truly the second in the Love Letters series. It will be a playful, little serif hand-printed font. At this point that is all I know.

I think making fonts might be a bit like writing a book. You have an idea, you even have it done in your head, but as it is created it can be a total surprise in the end. A good surprise or a bad surprise. And it is even a surprise if it turns out just as you expected.