Crustless Quiche

I have found my new fav quiche recipe. I don't really like crust and don't know how to make a good one and don't intend to learn, so that is part of it. But this quiche has the right ratio of eggs to cheese to veggies.

I put it together in 10 minutes, it bakes for 40 and 1/4th of the pie is only 230 calories.

10 oz. frozen chopped spinach, thawed
4 eggs
1/2 c plain nonfat yogurt
1 c shredded mozzarella or swiss cheese
1/4 c flour
5 oz black olives, chopped

Preheat oven to 375. Spray the pie can with a non-stick cooking spray.

Press out any extra liquid from the spinach.

Beat together eggs, yogurt, cheese and flour, stir in spinach and olives.

Pour mixture in pie plate, bake for 40 minutes.

I like to serve a French baguette with this.