Helveticia, Arial and Walgreens

Here is a link to a cute video on Helvetica vs. Arial. I love Helvetica and think Arial is a bad knock-off. But it is on all PCs so it is popular. And I was just thinking about how much I like Walgreens. I know I am hearing gasps from all you who know me and also hate big box stores. And I also support the neighborhood grocery store, and try to vote with my dollar as much as possible. But this morning I went to the post office and bank and then stopped in Walgreens to see if they had hamburger buns. And they did. One Sunday morning when I went there to get the paper I got eggs. And last week I actually got a nozzle for our hose. There is always just one kind of eggs, buns or nozzle but that has kept me from having to get in my car and drives miles to buy that one thing.

Last Summer I managed to buy almost all our food at the farmer's market on the square and fill in with soap, paper products etc from Walgreens. Buying from a place I can walk to for a year has reduced my carbon footprint.