free font time!


Most of you are arriving here because of the quarterly newsletter (if not the link is on the right if you want to sign up). This quarter's free font is Nancy Vala's Vibrant Women. It will available for a limited time. To get this font for free click on the red link on the right. Normal licensing applies. And if you like the birthday girl above you can order some cards from Nancy's etsy store. It's my favorite birthday card.

Just released is Flower and Leaf Borders. I am excited about this simple, easy-to-use font. 30 different flowers and or leaves. Lots to work with.


This font was not designed for Word. I use Illustrator a lot and this is a great font for graphics programs. To make a pattern block your program must allow you to control your line spacing and kerning. If you want to use this font in Word and are more skilled than I am maybe you know how to do that. Otherwise I would suggest using it as a spot illustration or in a row as I did for my blog header. Just a tip, I made the border by taking the same art from the pattern block and changing the color of the middle 4 illustrations to white. Very quick and easy and it meant that everything lined up exactly.


And here is a new city font, New Orleans Doodles! It is almost as much fun as a trip to NOLA. Food, drink, Mardi Gras, musical instruments and buildings. This font has more illustrations than usual, I just could not stop drawing.

The next font will be Christmas Borders. Can't wait to get started on that. Stop back here to see the progress or LIKE me on my Facebook page for updates.

Happy Fall!