free font, new fonts and a giveaway!




The FREE font this quarter is Drop Cap One! I use this font as a webfont for the initial caps for my posts.

Drop Cap One is a drop cap or an initial cap font. Even though it has all the letters of the alphabet it is not an alphabet font to be used for headlines or body copy. It has no kerning or punctuation except a period. It does not have accent marks.

There are basically 2 alphabets in this font. The lighter letters are lower case and the darker letters are upper case. The light and dark letters are interchangeable. While a fun desktop font the real inspiration for this font was my need for a webfont for initial caps for blogging. It could also make a great scrap booking font too. Lots of uses for this quirky little font. The free font is a desktop font. If you want it as a webfont  click on the webfonts bar on the right. That font is not free though.

To get this font for free click on the red bar on the right.

Normal licensing applies. You cannot give or sell or share this font in any way.

I've spent the Spring working on this 3 font family... Ultra Condensed is has a full character set. Ultra Condensed is a remastering of Tall Skinny Condensed from 1999 which continues to be a best selling favorite. While similar the fonts are not interchangeable. Shapes of some letters have changed, kerning and spacing are different. Tall Skinny Condensed does not have a full character set.

And everyone likes a hand lettered font. So next I then used the same shapes from Ultra Condensed but hand lettered it. Ultra Condensed Lettered has the same feel as Ultra Condensed but without the hard edged feel. It is softer and friendlier.

Ultra Condensed Line also hand lettered, is a thinner version of Ultra Condensed Lettered.

These 3 fonts work well together or with a non condensed font, great for headlines at a large size. Works well for lots of copy in a small space.

Fonts are $29 each or all three for $49.

Yes I thought I'd try something new. You can win the 3 new fonts by doing the following...

Go to the Outside the Line business Facebook page here.

1. LIKE the Outside the Line page if you have not already.

2. LIKE the post about the Giveaway.

Winner will be chosen by random from those who have LIKED us.

And if you have already bought the 3 new fonts you can choose another 3!