fall knitting is sock knitting

Yes it is Fall and on a couple cool mornings I have actually worn a pair of hand knit socks. They are very comforting... little sweaters for your feet. Last year I knit mostly black/gray/camel socks. It appears that this year I will be knitting in the blue color palette. And I like to have many pairs going at one time. I knit all on circular needles and love the new HiyaHiya needles. Sometimes I knit 2 at a time magic loop method. That is really good as I suffer from the second sock syndrome.

And I think everyone should knit socks, everyone who knits that is. And if you don't knit then learn, it's not brain surgery. Here are Ann's and Gwen's and I think I am close to getting Jane to knit socks. I find it very rewarding. (knitting... not forcing others to) Plus socks are really good car knitting.

And here is an interesting cast on that I am going to try for my next pair... it should give a nice decorative edge. Happy Knitting!