Day 5... still in Fort Worth

H ere is a shot of the Catholic church we attended last night. It didn't look like any Catholic church I had ever been in. It was very old school with some Latin prayers and slow, old music. And odd combination of the conservative Mass but this interesting visual which seemed more Greek Orthodox than Catholic. The out door said, "Judas left the Mass early." Cute but not very accurate or maybe I am being too literal. I hear the bathrooms are labeled Adam & Eve and the school bathrooms are labeled Future Priests & Future Nuns.

And I forgot to mention that I don't speak Southern and don't understand it either. On Friday we stopped for lunch at a barbecue place. A woman said something to me and I went blank. It reminded me of being in Germany in the airport and someone would speak to me in German. (I assume I look German.) I would have that 5 second delay when I would hear the words and think I should understand them. Then I would remember I don't speak German. This was the same but I knew I spoke English. The waitress repeated herself the second time to our blank looks. The third time she said slowly Yuh All All Right? OK we still aren't really sure what she said. But we know for sure we didn't understand her. We then sat down and were wondering what state we were in. I would have looked it up in the map program on my iPhone but John choose to ask the waitress. So we were the people who couldn't understand her, didn't know what state we were in (Oklahoma) and had an accent.

I've been using the Map program on my iPhone which is very cool. I put in our start point and end address for the day and can at any point see where we are with the little pulsating dot that moves along the route. It also gives the total miles for the trip but does not count them down. We are using Sarah our GPS for that.

Artie... I noticed that it is snowing in Madison and it appears it may all week. Don't feel any need to shovel, the condo has someone who comes by and does it for us. If the city declares a snow emergency you do have to alternate street park...