Day 4... in Fort Worth

G rey and rainy and 54 degrees here. We are staying with John's sister and family this weekend. This is a VERY busy house with 4 kids under the age of 12. Today is game day. Everyone has left for the first kid game of the day. After I get ready I'll join the group for games 2 & 3. This is when I am really glad that what I knit is small and can fit in my purse. They have a really cute little pool in the back yard and a big trampoline. John played on the trampoline last night with the 3 youngest. One of the kids came in to tell me that they had a new game where John would stand on the trampoline and they would take turns jumping off his shoulders.

Late last year I got a short, A-line trench raincoat at the Land's End tent sale. A pure impulse buy and it looks like it will be the wardrobe piece that I will wear for the whole trip. I layered under it for the trip so far instead of bringing a Winter coat. Today it will be a raincoat and I'll probably need it as a layer for the rest of the trip.

After the games we may go to a cattle drive...