Day 5

We are watching the weather and it is scattered thunderstorms everyday for the next 7 days. Today is possible hail. We get the truck tonight at 5. John is hoping to get the monsterously heavy Ethan Allen purple leather couch loaded tonight.

Wet will be a big problem for us as we have a slanted driveway which means we can't butt the truck to the garage. And most furniture has to go out the TV room or front door and can't go out thru the garage.

Today we will spend the day shrinkwrapping furniture and getting what we can in the garage in prep for the move. It will also help to look at all of it in one place and make sure it will all go on the 26" truck. I guess if that doesn't work we put a trailer behind the truck.

Must get to work before the rain hits.

Today Kim from The Madison Mark is back from her little holiday. We of course hope to hear for sure that we have the apartment and can move in Friday. If that does not happen than we need to rethink things....