Day 4

Well WE certainly had the right moving team. Yesterday morning John moved all the boxes out of the house and into the garage before the rain hit.

The U-Haul people offered that we could get the truck early at 5pm instead of this morning. John put an email out to the neighborhood men to ask for help moving the really heavy pieces. (Why is it that good furniture weights so much? Cheap stuff not so much.) 4 strong, young guys came and did the heavy lifting and then just kept going. In 3 hours the truck was packed.

So today we clean and pack up the odd stuff left in each room and wedge that in the truck and cars.

Still have things up in the air... as of yesterday the apartment we want had not had the carpet replaced. But the office is not open on Saturday. So we need to go there Friday to pay and get a key. But darling Kim from the management office said she has another one that is ready to go and maybe we would like that. So now we think we should drive everything there look at both and decide. If we want the original one we find a hotel and wait until hopefully Monday to move in. Of course we have 4 helpers on that end that need coordination also.

We don't need to be here to close if we can find our realtor and sign papers.

Anyway that is all I know as of right now. Things change here minute by minute as you can tell.

My emailing may be sporatic over the next couple days so if you don't see a blog don't worry I just may be somewhere without a internet connection, or my computer is in a trunk somewhere.

As Garrison Keillor says, “Be well, do good work and keep in touch.”

I say, Don't ever move. Die in your house and leave the mess for your kids.