Day 15

Woke up with a migraine. Not the painful kind but the dizzy weird vision kind. I've never had one like this. It was like an old TV where the picture rolls. Mine would roll left to right. So strange.

The basement is done.

And with that the sobering fact that we have to rent another U-Haul truck and make another run to the storage unit in Dorchester. We will pull the Tracker out and fill that area. I hope that does it.

This realization came after we kept finding more stuff that should have gone there and we looked at the size of the rooms on the apartment layout and measured them against our rooms.

Not to mention the meager amount of kitchen cabinets...

As I said neither of us has rented since our early 20s.

Tomorrow we hope to learn that we...
1. got into the building we want and can move stuff in before we close... or
2. we have to start looking into a Madison storage facility to store stuff for 11 days.