Day 14

Two weeks from today we close!!!!!!

The packing continues. John is packing kitchen stuff to go into storage. I emptied out 2 bathrooms.

Starting to call places to stop services like cable, internet, phone. I closed out the lock box at the bank.

BIG NEWS is that we are getting into the building we want in Madison!!! The Madison Mark is right DT between the Capitol and the lake. Fabulous walking and biking location. There is always something happening on the square around the Capitol. Saturday has the Farmer's Market and there is music from time to time, plus we can get on the bike path right across from the apartment and ride around the lake. And on the other side of the Capitol is State St. From there is it one mile to the University and the Union where people of all ages hang out. Not sure if we have a view or not as we will be on the second floor. But the bedrooms should face the lake, I think. (Nancy I can hear you laughing.)

One hitch, the reason we are getting in mid month is that they evicted someone and are giving us that apartment because we want something asap. The people are out but they now need to paint and re carpet. The upside to this is almost every place we have contacted lets people have cats and I am VERY allergic to cats. So it will be good to have new carpet. But we don't know the move in date yet.

We intended to move using a Pod. Because of a EC city ordinance they cannot drop a Pod here. But apparently if worse comes to worse we can get one put in front of the apartment building and unload into that. Not ideal but better than renting a storage facility for a month, if anyone would even do that.

And as our realtor keeps telling us... it isn't over until it is over. The house isn't sold until we have check in hand and we aren't in the apartment until we move our stuff in. But we are getting closer.