custom fabric...

I know... not everyone wants to design their own fabric. But I have always wanted to. I really feel like at some point in time I will be a fiber artist... in the mean time if I get so inspired I can easily make a yard or two of fabric using this website Spoonflower. I know nothing about them, I am not an affiliate and that is not my design above. But it is something to let run around in my head until someday I find the perfect art and perfect project. The fabric is a bit pricey but it is custom. Could be fun to design some fabric to use to slipcover something.

If anyone uses them let me know what you think.

They also have this contest Project Selvage. The winner gets to design a collection for them. I've always wanted to be a fabric designer. Oh... so many things to do and be and soooo little time. But I may give this one some thought.

(Janette, thanks for the link!)