computers & lion & gestures

sigh. It has been a month since I got my new 15" MacBook Pro which I do like a lot. But I immediately (without thinking) had the Apple Store install Lion. That then stopped me dead in my tracks as I was trying to finish London Doodles and Lion does not support FontLab or the version I have of Fontographer. So I set up my Air so I could keep working. So I have one of the 3 laptops set up correctly. Whew.

This week I plan get my new one in good working order. I had the Apple Store move my data from my old computer to the new one which was a good move. But I need to get all my software working or replaced or upgraded. So I will be posting bits of Lion info this week as I go.

I got a Magic Trackpad for Christmas which I like. And it matches my keyboard which I also like. I never learned the gestures and every so often I do something and things change. I suspect that the trackpad gestures may be the new Lion gestures. Here is an interesting link. This week I intend to learn those and see if I am right.

I would recommend not boldly upgrading as I did. Not if you are in the middle of a big project or have no time to figure things out. I would also check and see if your most used programs work with Lion.