Coco Chanel

I enjoy Shirley MacLaine. This movie was a nice way to learn more about Chanel. I certainly knew of her designs but little about her life. A nice bit of entertainment as I worked.

Shirley MacLaine (in a Golden Globe-nominated role) stars in this Lifetime biopic, which tells the story of one of fashion's most prominent women, Coco Chanel, beginning with her humble beginnings in a French orphanage and continuing through her unparalleled success as a fashion icon. The film also explores Chanel's dramatic personal life, including her intense and tragic love affair with an English gentleman. Malcolm McDowell co-stars.

I am kind of on a Chanel kick and have another one on my list to watch. I'll fill you in after I watch it.

If you are interested there is a link on the left to the DVD.