Friday we went into Chicago for John to take an ear prompter class and buy equipment. He took a one-on-one class from a guy in Oak Park. (He did well and is a natural.) I walked the cute neighborhood, took pixs, caught up on phone calls and read. After the class we went DT to Matt & Jen's new apartment where we stayed. This is the view from their balcony. Just FYI the tall building in the middle is the Sears Tower. And of course it is nice to be home. Now since we are relatively near Chicago I didn't feel the need to see everything and do everything.

We made a short stop at IKEA for a blind for the glass door to the balcony. Now that we rearranged our furniture neighbors on their deck can watch us watch TV. No luck, but I may try to order one.

John is on his way home from golf and we are off to the Willie Street Fair.