An interesting evening....

There are 2700 condos for sale here in Madison. It is a buyer's market. Our house is sold. Everyone likes us. We are on email and snail mail lists. We go see condos every Sunday and get on more lists.

This evening we went to an Open House for a development we saw Sunday. A nice event with brats, beer, music etc.

On our walk back home we sat on one of the benches that ring the square, 2 long, wooden and brick benches face each other. We were chatting when a homeless man claimed the bench across from us and he unpacked and spread out his sleeping bag.

John said hi and we all started chatting with Randy, soon his buddy Chuck showed up, we were sitting on his bed. We hung out for about an hour with the guys John and Chuck sang the theme song from the Wizard of Oz after quoting Poe and Frost to each other.

We learned their stories... where they had been and where they were going.

I gave Randy a little money, he didn't ask... that is my thing, I always give homeless people money where ever I am. I think it is a good thing no matter what anyone tells me.

I guess at night all the benches around the square (maybe 40) are full of the homeless sleeping there. And here is the part that just warms my heart-- the police let them stay. And if there are problems they run the people off that pick on the homeless.

Just another reason why I love Madison.