holiday entertaining



Every year for maybe the last 12 or so we have had the good fortune to be invited to Pam and Mike's for Thanksgiving. Some things are always the same, like the men cook and the women drink wine. The amount of people vary as do the different ways the turkey has been made. I always bring my Mom's cranberry salad. It is always a perfect day. Always.

This year Pam sent out a great email to the 14 people who where invited. She did little bios on each person, group or couple. What an ice-breaker. It immediately gave people little conversational tidbits.

And Pam and I always decorate the table. (This is an old photo, unfortunately I didn't get one this year.) We decided to do place cards this year. This was a last minute thing. Between photos Pam had and the internet we used just the faces of everyone, no names. At dinner everyone had fun finding their place at the table. We even had to pass them around to everyone could take a look. If you did this before the party you could have people bring their high school photo, or email a favorite.

If you have any fun entertaining tips feel free to leave a comment.

(Thanks again Mike and Pam for another great holiday!)