I HEART office supplies...

A nd art supplies... give me some new waterproof, fine point, black pens or just the right highlighter and I am very happy. Cheap office supplies even make me happy but I really like office supplies from Levenger. Those are the GOOD office supplies.

My friend Laurie was here recently. We had a creative blog/website brainstorming weekend which was completely satisfying. Laurie brought me this lovely punch and these Treasury Tags. The treasury tags are used in place of a staple or paper clip. You can attach 200 pages. And as you read the document you can lay your pages flat unlike with a staple or paper clip .

And Laurie also brought us a lovely box of homemade caramels to snack on as we worked... Some were vanilla, some were chai.... Sigh... as I said it was a completely satisfying weekend. And in time you will see the results of our weekend as I merge my blog with my website...

Now I think I'll go find some paper that I can punch and put together... Maybe some house or tax documents...

Good Paper at Levenger

I love paper, I've made paper (too much work) and I've been to a paper mill (really smelled bad). Now I just acquire paper. Love pads of paper.

I think that the perfect pad of paper will get and keep my life organized. (Much like my life long quest for the perfect black purse.)

These pads come from Levenger and have grid and non grid space. I like the narrowness and they can be used horizontal or vertical.

The pads are to capture the clutter in my head. Ideas are always rolling around in there. I got 6 pads... one for website stuff, one for fonts, one for knitting ideas, and 3 more for who knows what.

I really like these notepads and they seem to be working.