sunday drive


yesterday was one of those perfect Fall days. We intended to wait a week to drive around looking at the leaves, but the day was just too nice to resist. We drove towards Baraboo and stopped at a salvage place next to Dr. Evermor's. Once I got some aqua duct tape there and was hoping for more. No luck but I did get some interesting silver tape. On to the Merrimac Ferry for a little trip across the lake and then home. All in all a perfect day.

saturday visit to the apple orchard

Every Fall we like to make a trip to an apple orchard. Saturday we went to Door Creek Orchard in Cottage Grove. This was one of the last days they were open but we had some cider, bought some apples for a apple tart and walked through the orchard. Beautiful day, lovely time.



sigh. Indian Summer is slipping away. The dock is in. Leaves are blown off the 2 balconies. Trees and bushes are trimmed. Third story windows are washed. Eaves are cleaned. Vegetable garden is composted and tomatoes are ripening on the kitchen window sill. My closets are flopped. All the knitted mitts and scarves are out.

I can never quite love Fall the way I love Spring just because I know what is coming next.

And now it is time for Winter food too. Soups always make me happy. And foods that cook slowly making the house smell good and feel cozy. Sunday John made his meatloaf and it was good as usual. Here it is.

John's Crockpot Meatloaf Mix in bowl: 2 lbs. ground beef 1 c milk 1 egg 1 c Minute Rice 1/2 c chopped onion 1/2 c chopped green pepper 1/2 c chopped mushrooms 1 packet onion soup mix 1 packet mushroom gravy mix salt, pepper, garlic and dill

Put mixture in crockpot. Slice potatoes and carrots over meat mixture. Cook on high all day.

It was nice to take a Sunday afternoon nap and wake up to dinner all done.

leaf color day trip


saturday we jumped in the Miata and headed out to enjoy the glorious Indian Summer day.

We drove about an hour south and stopped for breakfast in Monroe, WI. It is a cute, small town with a pretty town square. We found this darling used book store. It was so comfy with nice little nooks and crannies. Also stopped into an antique store. John bought me a perfect 1950's hat. Now I need some place to wear it to. Or maybe I need to give a tea party.

Then on to the Famous Fossil Winery in Freeport, IL. Met my font making friend Nancy and her daughter Sally there. Sat out on their deck and enjoyed a glass of wine.

It was a lovely, perfect Fall day. I am hoping for a few more before Fall ends.

Olbrich gardens


recently good friends were in town for the weekend. The guys golfed 27 holes. Terry and I shopped and lunched and went to Olbrich Gardens. For some reason I had never walked the grounds. I think I have always been there in Winter and enjoyed the tropical plants in the conservatory. It was a nice day so we decided to walk some of the 16 acres of amazing plantings. The Thai Pavilion is worth the trip alone. If you live in Madison or nearby you really should do this before the snow falls.

And on the subject of snow my brother-in-law the meteorologist was just here. I always want to know what the next season will bring especially since this was such a strange weather year. Unfortunately he said colder and snowier than last year and it is going to start early. Now I wish I hadn't asked. I guess I am going to get snow tires for the Miata.