canon powershot G12...

If you are looking for a new camera I suggest you put this one on your Christmas list. It is the point and shoot that the pros use. This came recommended to me by 2 friends who rave about it and after just a short time using it I can see why. Because I am an amateur I want a point and shoot. I want to spend my time composing the shot rather than changing the dials. This camera is a little heavier, a little bigger and a lot more complex than any of my others. But from the photos I've seen that my friends have taken it is going to be totally worth it. It has a lot of amazing features that I think will add up to better overall pictures. And it has a video feature too. So maybe there will be some video clips here in the future.

The only minus that affects me is that it does not come with a printed manual, for some reason they quit doing it with this model. I find that odd. Do they think I'll go shoot with a laptop so I can look up how to do things? I ordered the manual for the G11 as I did not see one yet for the G12. Apparently there were not a lot of changes between the G11 and the G12. Learning my new camera will be a fun Winter project.

If you have been good this year tell Santa... Just saying... And there is a link for this camera in the sidebar if you want a closer look.