Art in a Bowl

These bowls arrived as a gift from my friend Julie in honor of my mother, because Mom had style. And Julie and I value style greatly. Julie and her sense of style has been a great influence on me over the years. Like Jane and her tator tot casserole Julie had to have been channeling my mother. If Mom had seen these bowls she would have immediately gotten them for me. So in a way they are from both Julie and Mom. I will think of them both when I use them.

They are a perfect small space item. A large mixing bowl, a colander, a sieve, small mixing bowl and measuring cups. The brand is Joseph Joseph and it came from MOMA (Museum of Modern Art). And this will allow me to get rid of some bowls and colanders!

And the colors of the bowls mirror my new color scheme and pick up all the colors in the big painting in the back. What a gift. Thank you Julie!