app store

need Apple software? buy it from the App Store. Use the icon in your dock.

I've learned a lot of new things from buying a new computer and getting all 3 laptops in good working order. And this is one of them.

At some point I did notice the App Store icon in my doc and I did look there a time or two but really have not paid much attention to it.

Early in the year I bought Aperture 3 at the Apple Store where I go weekly for my one-to-one. It was $199. I noticed that Aperture in the App Store is $79. I asked my trainer if this was the Lion upgrade and it is not. Apple is offering their software online for MUCH cheaper than if you bought it with the disk. Now I do like to have my software on disks in case I have a problem. But for a Aperture savings of $120 I can go without the disk.

I recently bought Numbers for only $19.99 from the App Store. I thought this was a good deal and I was happy to not have to buy the whole iWork package when I don't use Keynote and don't need to upgrade Pages.

Now if only Adobe would do the same thing.