I forgot how much I sincerely enjoy this movie. My cousin Alice came for a sleep over. We made homemade pizza and snuggled in before the fire and watched this movie. Amelie is all the things I really like in a movie. It is quirky. It is visually engaging. Not in the sweeping visas way. The colors are slanted towards greens, and yellow orange reds in a surreal way. And the detail of objects in all the rooms makes it hard for me to read the subtitles and absorb all the details. It is a French movie with English subtitles. It is an older movie, it came out in 2001. You can read about it here.

Amelie is a painfully shy waitress working at a tiny Paris cafe. Lots of shots of the metro and the Sacre Coeur Montmart area.

A very sweet story. A visual delight. A perfect snowy Winter night treat.