Suffering from Second Sock Syndrome

S econd Sock Syndrome is when you knit one sock and rather than knitting the second one you move on to different yarn and knit one. Apparently I have it as some of these socks were knit when I lived in Eau Claire. Ugh. So this is my car knitting until I get these 3 pair done. I do like knitting socks. They can fit in your purse and when you are anywhere you can just take it out and knit away. I tend to knit at sporting events. And since I can barely finish 2 socks it is obvious why I don't knit sweaters.

The middle sock is my new favorite sock yarn by Lang Yarns, Jawoll Color. Unfortunately I got this yarn on ebay and it appears to be made in Italy. A charming surprise is that in the middle of each skein they include matching extra thin yarn that you use when you knit the heels and toes. I love it when anything I buy is well thought out.