Orange... not so much...

J ust thought I would mention that I don't like orange, never ever have. People THINK I like orange and give me orange things. I use them and then more people think I like orange and I get more orange things. And occasionally I do buy something orange. Like a vintage patent leather purse, which I gave to my niece who was smitten with it. I am giving myself permission to get all orange out of my life. I may like an occasional spot color of yellow orange or tomato red. But not orange orange.

And I'm done with purple too. I no longer have any purple clothes. OK, one leather jacket somewhere. And all my purple yarn keeps migrating to my friend Ann. (Want a purple leather jacket Ann?) Thankfully I have no orange yarn.

I still like the lime/olive greens - but not for the house. And I am still into that medium blue leaning toward green color - for house and clothes.

Because the condo is small color needs to be managed to make it as visually big as possible. So I use a lot of white, black, taupe, gray, with that blue as an accent because it mimics the water color.

I really like all white bedrooms and we will do a new all white kitchen at some point. If all my rooms could be white I'd be very happy. Clutter is color so I try to keep that at a minimum...

So what color is currently making you happy and why? Or maybe no one obsesses over it the way I do?