Art Therapy #6

Here are Nancy's and my recent 2 weeks of postcards. This one is outrageously simple. These are from a set of souvenir photos. I like these two because if I was there and saw these places these are the exact photos I would take. As I did this postcard I was thinking about Nancy who has been talking about solitude and serenity a lot. These shots seemed to speak of that.

As always my postcards are made from things in my office. This one I feel so-so about but that is what this postcard exchange is all about. Trying new things. I don't think I have the feel for collage. Since it is not my passion that is fine. You can't be good at everything. Pick something you are good at and become great at it.

The color is off on this one. The background should be more kraft. This is a drawing of sheer curtains Nancy has been thinking about making for a long time. She is gathering material. Can't wait to see the final product. I really liked this drawing and Nancy liked my solitude and serenity one. So we traded. Nice to get a bit of art that speaks to each of us.

And here is a good note to end on. It says it all.

Do check out my first fabric in my Wilderness Doodles Collection. Link top right.

And feel free to leave a comment. Finally the comment link is working again.

Art Therapy #5

Yes, the postcard exchange continues.

This one is mine. I scanned part of a line drawing from Paris Line by Line by Robinson. I love his style. He drew more than 250,000 illustrations in his lifetime. That certainly makes me an underachiever. This book was out of print for 40 years but has returned to print. I decided to try my hand at adult coloring and then send it on to Nancy to finish.

I am afraid that adult coloring feels way too much like my day to day work. Plus I can't just give it up and color. I first have to think about it and know what color something is... blah, blah, blah. But it was good to give this a try. Can't wait to see how Nancy finishes it up.

Screen Shot 2017-04-17 at 5.14.38 PM.png

This is very rough. I cannot find the original for the life of me. I am working on patterns, cards, patterns, fabric and more patterns. So here are some that may show up in fabric or cards. But who knows.

Nancy labeled hers as Just Fooling Around. And that is what this is somewhat about. Sometimes a great idea or part of a great idea of comes out of just fooling around. That part is good for me as I am such a thinker when I do creative things. More postcards next week.


Yes, this was a scam!


Hewlett Packard (HP) SCAM ALERT!!!!

This happened to us. This is not anecdotal. It did not happen to my brother’s cousin’s, uncle’s, girlfriend.  It happened to us.

I am having problems getting a working magenta cartridge for my HP printer. I have ordered 4 from 4 different places, all bad.

I contacted HP and did an iChat with someone. She could not help and passed me onto “tech support”. She said if they did not take my call in 2 minutes I should call a number that she gave me. I did notice that the number she gave me was different from the tech support number she was forwarding me to.

Of course they did not call me in 2 minutes, so I called them. I talked to Paul Smith who was in California, although he did sound like he was in India and that was probably not his name.

He asked to screen share (which always makes me uneasy) but I let him. He ran some diagnostics and told me that I had a Trojan horse on my home network (IP address) and that all 10 of our products were infected and that was the problem. And from the diagnostics my computer was due to crash soon and I would lose all my information.

I had never heard of such a thing but then I don’t know why I can’t get a working magenta cartridge either.

Eventually he said that he had a product that could fix it… 1 year for $249.99 and 3 years for $369.99 etc.

By then I asked John to get on the call. It had been an hour; Paul Smith was aggressive and would continuously talk over me. Thankfully John stepped in and talked over him and ended the call.

This morning I called Apple to ask if this is a scam.  YES IT IS.

The Apple guy said.

1. Apple products almost never get a virus because of their encryption.

2. You cannot get a virus ON your IP network.

3. Apparently the fact that I screen shared did not mean he could steal info. Still not a great idea.

4. BUT if I had bought his product and given him a credit card that would jeopardize my credit and allow him to get banking info.

So beware. Share this if you want to. That is why I am posting this.

If someone from from HP sees this plz contact me at, I have more information for you. Oh yeah and I would like a working magenta cartridge.



FREE April Screensaver!

FREE April screensaver

I've wanted to design screensavers for a while. I am figuring it out as I go. This is the first one. If you would like it click on the link at the right.

Use it, enjoy it and plz give me your opinion. But it only works, for sure, on an iPhone 6s. Feel free to try it on other phones. If you do, would you drop me a line and let me know if it works or not?

If your friends and family or any strangers you meet want one send them here.

If this is well received I may have more options next month.

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Then there is Pinterest too. One way or the other you will see it.

How to install this... this is how I did it.

1.  Download the screensaver to your desktop.
2. Open 'Photos' on your Mac.
3. Create a folder called 'Screensavers'.
4. Drag the art to that folder.
5. Go to 'Settings' on your iPhone.
6. Click on your 'Wallpaper'.
7. Select the screensaver.
8. Click on set.

And Bob's your Uncle.

Art Therapy #4

Screen Shot 2017-03-24 at 11.43.37 AM.png

Yes... Art Therapy continues... with a few bumps. One week we both completely forgot and my favorite postcard got lost in the mail.

This is my second favorite of mine. I was finishing my Spring cleaning of my office and remembered I had to do that week's postcard. I decided to make a postcard with things I found as I cleaned. This one is called Foggy with a Chance of Snow. These were photos I had taken. The back of the card has a white corrugated board. It also gave more white texture. And on this piece I knew when to stop. Not always true.

Here is Nancy's postcard from that week. She was pondering thoughts of solitude and writing about it. Savaswati is her favorite Hindu goddess. She has a room of her own. And also has unusual white skin.

Getting a postcard from Nancy is always a treat. I get excited with a kraft envelope arrives in the mail. I generally send mine in a shimmery gold one.

This is my favorite so far. And this is the one that is lost in the mail. That makes me sad because once again the scan does not do the glitter justice. I like how loose this one is. Unfortunately I worked hard for that loose look. My plan is to turn this postcard into an art piece of maybe 6 or 9 teacups. I have a collection of my mother's, so that will be the inspiration.


This looks like a postcard but it is the cover of a 'zine that Nancy produced. I love these women, I think they could be a nice poster.

More Art Therapy in a couple of weeks.