The Palmer House & the Art Institute

Palmer House Ceiling

I spent a couple days in Chicago while my hubby worked. We stayed at the grand old Palmer House. This was a little art filled trip for me.

To start the trip off, here is the the world-famous lobby topped with a magnificent ceiling of Grecian frescoes by French muralist Louis Pierre Rigal.

And the Palmer House is located only 2.5 blocks from the Art Institute!

Paul Kee

When I draw I try to tell the story using as few lines as possible. So, of course I was drawn to this Paul Klee piece. In the Magic Mirror, 1934, oil on canvas, Paul Klee 1879-1940

Robot, Alaxandra Exter

Another piece that I studied. (I sometimes make junk robot sculptures.) Again a less is more piece. Alexandra Exter, Russican 1882-1949, Robot 1926, cardboard, fabric, wood, glass and string.

Venus de Milo with Drawers

Who doesn't love Dali? This is the Venus de Milo with Drawers, 1936, Salvador Dali, Spanish 1904-1989. Painted plaster, with metal pulls and mink pompons

I also enjoy Roy Lichtenstein, American 1923-1997. I enjoy his trademark comic book style especially the ones with the halftone dots.

andy wahol

And then there is Andy. So amazing to get to stand in front of all of these Andy Warhol iconic images. Something I truly admire about Warhol is that he was such a shameless promoter of this work. Good for him.

I only managed to do 2 floors of the Modern Wing before I was completely visually worn out. But there will be other visits.

Art Therapy #3

WEEK #5... Nancy's theme was what is your favorite body part.

Interesting that both Nancy and I created something that looked somewhat alike this week.

WEEK #6... Do whatever you want.


Why is there no theme this week? I had a mini meltdown. Too much to do. Not getting it done. Feeling overwhelmed, blah, blah, blah. Nancy said we could just quit because this is suppose to be fun. She then suggested we just do something and send it. Then it became fun again. Whew.

Sadly this is not a good photo. My scanner had died and I was waiting for a new one. It was very gold glittery which made it sparkly and fun. My goals in doing these is to just do something. I think a lot about everything I do. So with these I am just allowing myself to do something and start over just once. Just do it!

Again, I really like Nancy's. I think this week we did our best art yet. I do think that doing whatever we want may get better work, or maybe some useful work. Nancy used her graphic as a Facebook header. How fun.

I must say it is really fun to get something creative and wonderful in the mail.

Art Therapy #2

Week 3... Dreams

I think I suggested we share a dream. Mine had been haunting me. What better way to put this one to bed.

Week 4... what do you like about Winter?

I don't like Winter. In protest I never seem to wear real Winter clothes. Since that is not working for me I decided I would be happier if I was toasty. I got 3 nice Woolrich flannel buffalo print shirts. I got them big so I can layer under them which I never do either. So far, this seems to be working.

Unfortunately my scan does not do this postcard justice. I can't capture the translucency. This is my favorite one yet. Great job Nancy!

Cards for a Cause...


Grace Bonney from Design Sponge fame is asking for donations of stationery and letter writing supplies. These supplies will will help so many people in need to be able to tell their stories and communicate with their elected officials.

I live in the great and cold state of Wisconsin and I mail my postcards to Solidarity Sunday.

SolSun Milwaukee
Jocelyn Szczepaniak-Gillece
3120 N Weil
Milwaukee, WI 53212

No idea where the rest of you mail yours but I assume you could also send it to SolSun Milwaukee.

For me there is an added bonus. These postcards are old inventory and I am in the middle of my Winter office cleaning and organizing. I am getting rid of 50 postcards and it will go to a good cause. As I clean who knows what else I will find.

And if you don't follow Design Sponge you really should. I have been for years.

Art as Therapy.

Bricolage: connected knowing. "Admired way of invention and creation practiced by creative people."

My good friend Nancy one day asked me if I wanted to make a postcard a week and we would send them to each other. We both have the same topic but can execute any way we want. I immediately jumped on board.

WEEK #1 Your word from 2016 and your word for 2017

I love Nancy's words (above) from Anxiety to Wild. It is good to think about these words and the change we want to make from 2016 to 2017. I know that Nancy has some Wild in her.

I didn't want my 2016 word to be Trump but it was. I cannot allow it to be my word for 2017 which will be Happy. I know that filling my head with creative projects truly does make me happy. Then there is less room in my head to fret over things I have no control over.

WEEK #2. Random thoughts in my head.

I really like Nancy's. Nice illustration and well thought out thoughts.

Mine are really random thoughts. What runs through my head constantly. I had so many I had to use both sides of the card. I am really liking the way Nancy and I approach the same theme so differently.

This project means I get weekly REAL mail. Always a real treat. More to come.