smoothie maker

Smoothies.... my new breakfast of choice.

And appliances... if I could have an appliance for everything I did in the kitchen, that would make me happy... oh and a large walk-in pantry where they would all live on shelves. Since space is limited and I have bought and gotten rid of many an appliance over the years I was hesitant about this one.

Don't get me wrong I wanted it but I was using my immersion blender to make my morning smoothie. But that meant extra dirty dishes and I did tip the smoothie more than once balancing the blender in the container while reaching for my cup. I was pondering taking on yet another appliance when I got this for Christmas!!! And I am totally loving it. And I use it so often that it resides on the counter.

If you are a smoothie fan check out the link below.

(Thanks Jen!)