handy knit and crochet apps


a collaboration between expert knitter Ann Budd and Interweave brings you these handy little apps. I have the knitting one. I don't crochet but I assume it would work much the same way. I love having this on my phone so I can do some basic math on the fly in a store when trying to figure out how much yarn to buy. It will help me not over buy... (I have tons of aqua chenille that I have never used) or worse yet under buy. At least I will be making some kind of educated guess.

The Knit Handy app delivers the yardage requirements for eight of the most popular knitted items: sweaters, vests, mittens, gloves, socks, scarves, tams, and hats. The Crochet Handy app provides yardage requirements for basic caps, scarves, bags, afghans, ponchos, baby sweaters, skirts, and tops. Both apps show all sizes ranging from baby or toddler to large adult, using five standard yarn weights—from fingering to bulky.

Knit Handy and Crochet Handy apps can be used to quickly show measurement units in imperial (inches and yards) or in metric (centimeters and meters), and to determine the yarn needed when a knitter or crocheter changes their gauge in a pattern.

Both apps are an easy-to-use portable tool that calculates how much yarn is needed for whatever someone wants to knit or crochet. All it takes is three easy steps:

1. Select the measurement units in imperial (inches and yards) or in metric (centimeters and meters);

  1. Select a project type, then choose gauge (ranging from 3 to 9 stitches per inch) and size;
  2. The yarn amount is calculated.

For sale in the app store for iPhone, iPod, and iPad.