Day 2... leaving St. Louis

Photo is from the St. Louis Chamber website.

Y esterday we got to the southern edge of St. Louis... maybe 6 and a half hours of driving. Just trying to put the cold and snow behind us. There is just a tiny bit of snow on the ground and my iPhone weather app said it was 34 in both Madison and St. Louis. We didn't do any exploring here in St. Louis as we have been here before.

It is marvelous to travel with electronics... I checked and did email on my phone as we drove along. Using the map program I we can see how far one place is from another. I just created a font file and sent it to someone.

Spent the day knitting on a sock and listening to David Baldacci's The Whole Truth. We are 1/3 through the book and I must say I am ambivalent about the characters. I remember reading that this is his only book with this set of characters and I think that is a good thing. But it made the day go by.

Tonight Oklahoma! 3 hours to Springfield, MO where we will lunch and dawdle a bit and then 3 more hours on to Tulsa.

Artie, I meant to tell you to feel free to use my desk and workspace this week. We took our computers in for maintenance so the desk is semi-empty. And watch any of my movies. They are on the shelf to the left of the desk. If you have not seen Helvetica I recommend it.