Day 3... leaving Tulsa

T ook these photos when we stopped for gas and to stretch in Joplin, MO.

Rae: It was another day of about 6 hours of driving. Today we will reach our first destination - Fort Worth, TX for a weekend visiting with family, John's sister, husband and 4 kids. He is 'fun uncle John' who they delight with daredevil activities. I am the 'gum auntie'. The kids are still young enough to be excited by large quantities of gum. The book is getting a little better but I am finding I cannot knit for 6 hours without my elbow hurting.

John: I am finding the scenery so interesting. No, not the trees, limestone outcroppings and rolling hills of central Missouri. No, what I find interesting is the signage. The billboards seem to be an equal mix of religion (e.g. a full billboard with just JESUS on it), casinos and porn shops. The most curious of the latter was the Adult Boutique. (Right up there with the "Gentlemen's" Club which always makes me laugh!) Adult BOUTIQUE! Classy! Then there was Bunghole wine and spirits store. I kid you not! SERIOUSLY? BUNGHOLE? You couldn't be more creative that that? (And here I am remembering it!) But one of the most creative pieces of signage was a pair of water towers, next to each other, just off the road. One in red in blue. The one on the left guess it yet? Hot. The one on the right labeled Cold. Neat! (Yeah. We should have gotten a photo.) That's all from me. I'll keep my eyes open.

Artie... forgot to tell you that there are burgundy pepper marinade steaks and chicken breasts in the freezer. Both are from Ken's Meat Market. We have 2 places in the neighborhood to buy groceries for some veggies, sides, etc.