Yue Wah

Saturday morning after we hit the Winter Farmer's Market which is now indoors at the Monona Terrace we went to Yue Wah an ethnic grocery store somewhat nearby. I love all the non American packaging. And brand names like Healthy Boy Brand.

And the type is different on these but I have no way of really know what is different. John latched onto a bag of black beans and is going to try his hand at homemade black bean soup.

I was really going to get some of these candles. I LOVE these weird candles and they had such a wide selection. All those interesting graphics.

I noticed that St. Jude and Sacred Heart were scented. I ended up getting some plain white ones to put in our fireplace and 3 that I could not resist not shown here... 'Fast Luck', 'Lucky Lottery' and one of Mary with the stations of the cross. These candles are the meeting point of Catholicism and graphic design. Who would not be intrigued? These fascinate me much the same way holy cards do.