yes, another shawl


this is my fifth shawl this Winter. While it does seem like overkill it has been a long Winter. And this one will be a gift. After all how many shawls does any one person need? This one is a loose interpretation of the Sunset Shawl by Jane Barnard. I wanted to knit a variation of that shawl and wanted to knit from my stash. Not only from my stash but to knit up the many little balls of wool that I had. I got to use up lots of odds and ends and I am pleased with the result.


This one had lots of long fringe which was fun to do and a fun retro look. I've got one last shawl on the needles and then I am done. Need to knit a baby hat next and then some half mitts. Both gifts. Time to start looking for some new patterns.... or go back to socks.