Alaska Adventure, Days 5 thru 8

Days 5 and 6 found us in Anchor Point enjoying a quieter end to our trip. The weather was still good but cloudy. Made us appreciate the amazing weather we had for our landing on Denali. I grew up in a small town. Anchor Point has that beat. I asked Mike to drive me through downtown. He said he already had. He explained that it was the grocery store, the post office and the drive up coffee shop.

We were in and out of Homer which was 15 miles away. The fish are halibut.

Spent time with our host's faithful companion Quex.

More great meals in Homer.

We made homemade ice cream.

Went to the farmer's market.

Ralph, Erica and John golfed in Anchor Point.

Stocked up on our souvenirs, did laundry and got ready to leave.

Days 7 and 8 saw us heading back to Anchorage to fly home. If my calculations are right we drove approximately 800 miles. Our route was Anchorage - Talkeetna - Seward - Anchor Point/Homer and back to Anchorage.

We got to be in Alaska on the equinox. Eight days of never-ending daylight. We had our last meal in Anchorage in a dark steak restaurant. We then walked out into blinding sun. I remember thinking, enough already. Aside from that one thought I did enjoy all that daylight.

There was not one disappointing moment on this trip. Not one. Many reasons for this ... great traveling companions, a beautiful state and our gracious host who dearly loves Alaska.