working from home


Now don't get me wrong, I love working from home. I just wish I could do it with a tidy desk wearing a perfect cute/casual wardrobe. Instead I have a tidy house, messy desk and I wear a wardrobe of pajamas or rags. I am kind of giving up on the desk thing... and I blogged about that once before. I accept the fact that creative people have messy desks. I am not good with it but I can accept it.

I am going to try with the wardrobe. First I wear all black... recently I bought something in gray, cream and olive. Big step. I use to wear color and I have no idea how that black thing happened. The bigger problem is that my clothes all look like rags. Light bulb moment... they are rags because I buy things that will turn into rags after 2 washing or 10 minutes of wearing. I buy cottons, linens and knits. I bought a pair of gray pants that I am calling yoga pants and they are knit with unfinished hems. They are really soft but they certainly do not look like a brand new pair of pants I bought on sale but retailed originally for $80.

All of this thinking was the result of reading this article. Apparently I am not the only person working from home in rags.